March Trip Report Day 2: Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom

“Hollywood…. Hollywood” After spending day 2 in Hollywood I had that stuck in my head for hours 😉


The park was thankfully much less crowded than yesterday. Since it was closed last time we were here, we went straight to the Backlot Tour.


The Backlot is one of my favorite things in all of Hollywood Studios. I’m the type of person who loves watching behind the scenes on movies. While the attraction is nothing like it was back in the 90s, I still love it. The Backstage Prop Shop is so overlooked! I feel bad for all the people who just run through to get to the next park of the tour. How many opportunities do you get to see the Muppet Cab or stone statues from The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe?


Spotted some headpieces from the new Magic Kingdom parade Festival of Fantasy in the costume shop.


Also not everyday you get to hang out with Batman 🙂


Lunch at ABC Commissary.


When walking back to the hub I stopped to see the bust of Walt. Though he passed away 48 years, Walt is still a huge inspiration to me.


I bet you haven’t even stop to see what I consider to be some of the coolest displays in the park. Outside the Great Movie Ride there are window displays on either side that have been there for years. Tickets, memorabilia, and pictures from the two movies that premiered at the Grauman’s Chinese Theater in California. The Jungle Book and Mary Poppins. IMG_9959 IMG_9960 IMG_9968 IMG_9969













I spent a while looking around the courtyard then finally got on the ride.



Magic Kingdom was open later than Hollywood, so we took a bus over to do a couple things.


 Yo Ho, Yo Ho….

IMG_0410The Little Mermaid…

IMG_0494 and the nighttime parade. While I do miss Spectromagic, I loved the Electrical Parade!


As we waked out I got some popcorn and then headed back to our bus stop. See you again tomorrow!


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  2. sandykarpie

    I love seeing the behind the scenes stuff too at Hollywood Studios. Not sure if you’ve ever done one, but some runDisney races run through the prop/costume shop building. It was a highlight of my runs.

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