Festival of Fantasy Parade

IMG_9315The last day of my trip was mostly spent waiting for and freaking out about the debut of the Magic Kingdom Festival of Fantasy Parade. On top of it being the first day of the new parade, it also happened to be Dapper Day, and boy the park was packed! Featuring a cast of over 100, the newest MK parade contains characters from over a dozen stories in the eight gorgeous floats. Be prepared for lots of pictures.. I couldn’t help myself 😉

After waiting hours in our amazing spot at the entrance to Tomorrowland, the bands finally appeared to start the parade!  IMG_2482IMG_2504

The first float, The Princess Garden is more than 50 feet long and features Belle & Beast, Cinderella & Prince Charming, Tiana & Naveen, and Frozen‘s Elsa and Anna. Preceding it are the dancing Swan Court Couples in beautiful yellow/white feathered costumes.


IMG_2546IMG_2551IMG_2606IMG_2608IMG_2631I was so excited to see Olaf, Anna, and Elsa in person for the first time!IMG_2622


While it may or may not be true that Aurora was planned to be on the end of the float, I like it better with Anna and Elsa. After all, Disney is all about telling a story. If Phillip is fighting the dragon, wouldn’t Aurora be asleep? (Just saying..)

Next (one of my personal favorites) the Tangled float! This massive vessel is 36 feet long with pendulums that swing back and forth. Can you spot Pascal on the front?IMG_2640 IMG_2659 IMG_2711 IMG_2720

The details are just so cool! Dirty dishes… hair wrapped all down the float.. floating lanterns.. IMG_2734

Perched atop a seashell music box, is Ariel where she and her runway inspired under the sea friends dance to the music.

IMG_2771The Seashell Girl costume takes 30 yards of 12 different colors of fabric. The pink Coral Twins pieces are hand poured in three colors by the Creative Costuming Craft Team, and baked for 16 hours in an oven.


IMG_2768 IMG_2775 IMG_2782Inspired by “The Newsies”, the Lost Boys were absolutely hilarious. Their socks are custom designed and knitted in Hong Kong.


Peter & Wendy fly the Jolly Roger 28 feet up in the sky in the Neverland float on top of skull rock.








The Celtic couples come next with an energetic Scottish dance to melodies of Brave, proceeding IMG_9093 IMG_9108 IMG_9104Merida atop her Bagpipe float. IMG_9115

One of if not the most spectacular parts of the parade is Sleeping Beauty battle.

IMG_9129 IMG_9140

Prince Phillip battles the 53 foot long (snout to tail), 26 foot tall steampunk inspired Maleficent Dragon. Designed with Tony Award-winner Michael Curry, this float will definitely take your breath away.


Oh yeah… Did I mention it BREATHES FIRE?IMG_9175


IMG_7163Seven Dwarfs and other classic characters walk next..IMG_9208 IMG_9198 IMG_9195 - Version 2 IMG_9216

The Bubble Girls “cotton candy” headpiece is actually three different clown wigs blended together. Remember seeing it in the costume department when I went on the Backlot Tour?

IMG_9224The last two floats in the Parade stretch over 90 feet down the parade route. It’s a pretty awesome finale.

IMG_9254IMG_9259IMG_9267 IMG_9287 IMG_9300The hand rolled, pressed, and curled wigs for the Cha Cha Girls are each made out of 148 yards of horsehair. So beautiful!IMG_9315 IMG_9330 Well what can I say? The effects, costumes, floats, music, choreography… everything is perfect and exceeded my already extremely high expectations. While my pictures and posts give you a taste, it doesn’t even express how incredible The Festival of Fantasy is in person.

Thanks for joining me in this magical celebration… See ya real soon!


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