Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party 2014

Calling all “Goblins and ghoulies from last Halloween” for the 2014 Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party! With 23,100 feet (about 4-¼ miles) of cables being used for the party’s unique lighting and effects, it’s an experience you never forget. A personal favorite aspect of MNSSHP, is the music. Special loops and songs are only played during the party. Lots of Nightmare Before Christmas (This is HalloweenOogie Boogie’s Song), and in Liberty Square, they play Haunted Mansion BGM. I spent half the party in that land alone 😉

Boo To You Parade-2928

If you’re planning on going, first thing you want to make sure and do, is pick the right day. The remaining party dates are October 5, 9, 10, 13, 16, 17, 19, 21, 23, 24, 26, 28, 30, and 31. The closer you get to Halloween, the busier it gets. Try and pick a weekday party if possible for lower crowd levels. Check out Disney’s website for more information here. While the party officially starts at 7pm, you can check in and get your wrist band at 4pm.

A game plan for this party is a must, so here’s eight things you must do!

1. Appreciate the Main Street USA decorations

Almost 200 pumpkins line the buildings of Main Street USA, each unique and themed accordingly. Stop and appreciate the characters, funny faces, and tie-ins to the building themes. Town square holds pumpkin scarecrows and a special photopass spot with the castle.

Main Street Pumpkins-1-5Main Street Pumpkins-1-2Main Street Pumpkins-1






Main Street Pumpkins-1-3

 2. The Haunted Mansion

Even if you’ve done this attraction a hundred times, check out The Haunted Mansion at least once either right after checking in or during the party. Special lighting, queue details, and cast makeup help create a more enhanced experience. The cast members alone are worth going over there. This girl below almost scared me while walking through the queue.Haunted Mansion Main


I also got just a little excited to find roses on Master Gracey’s grave.  Haunted Mansion Rose-1Haunted Mansion Rose-1-2

3. Lady Renata and Madame Carlotta

On the lawn of the Haunted Mansion each night, sits either Lady Renata or her sister Madame Carlotta. Plan out a good chunk of time to stand and listen to her hilarious stories and singing. I spent the last 45 minutes of the party there. You’ll truly never look at the attraction the same way again. Watch the video in the homework below if you don’t believe me.

Haunted Mansion Carlotta         Haunted Mansion MNNSHP-2-5 Haunted Mansion MNNSHP-2-2

4. The Boo to You Parade

This was my favorite thing of the night and in my opinion, the best parade all year. Running twice per party, you’ll want to watch the first one if there’s any chance of rain. Do not miss it! (Personally I watched both parades because it was so good). If you’re a photographer, watch from the middle of Main Street, or stand next to the Liberty Bell popcorn stand in Liberty Square. Both spot have the best lighting of the parade route. Read the post dedicated to the parade here

Boo To You Parade-9989 Goofy-1


The Haunted Mansion section is the best part of the whole parade. Ballroom Dancers and Grave diggers made The Haunted Mansion geek over the moon happy.
Ballroom Dancers-1

5. Happy Hallowishes Fireworks

Make sure you stand back towards Casey’s and the Ice Cream parlor for some of the best fireworks of the year! Any closer to the castle, you won’t be able to see all the bursts. Hosted by everyone’s favorite host, the Haunted Mansion’s Ghost Host, there are castle projects, perimeter fireworks, and a scream-a-long finale. Again Haunted Mansion geek very happy with the use of Grim Grinning Ghosts.Boo To You Parade-9774


6. Characters

MNSSHP has special character exclusive to events. Jack and Sally (The Nightmare Before Christmas) in Town Square, and the Seven Dwarfs in Fantasyland are the most popular. I’m not a characters person, but they are a must do for you, get in line either 5-5:30 or towards the end of the night. Anna and Elsa are in the Princess Fairytale Hall with minimal wait times. I almost went and met them with a 10 minute wait just for bragging rights 😉 Pooh characters in costume, Jack Sparrow, Tarzan friends, Halloween Talking Mickey (Town Hall), Minnie, Donald, and Daisy in costumes, and the Witch from Snow White are the only ones who you should be concerned about seeing. Avoid normal characters such as Ariel, Merida, Tinker Bell, Gaston, Tiana & Naveen, and the Tremaines.

Dance parties also include characters in Frontierland’s Diamond Horseshoe for Club Villain and Monsters Inc’s Monstrous Scream-O-Ween Ball dance party in Tomorrowland.

Boo To You Parade-0272

7. Trick or Treating

The 13 trick or treat stop will hand out 261 tons of free candy over the course of the Halloween parties this year. Again not a big thing for me, but I hit a few of the stops on the way out. With over 40 different kinds of brand-name candies, you’ll be sure to find something you like. There’s even Werther’s Carmel in Pinocchio’s Village House! Dietary or allergy restrictions? Head over to City Hall for sugar and nut-free treats.

Main Street Pumpkins-1-4

Have you been to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party? What’s your favorite part? Have any questions? Leave a comment down below!




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