Mickey’s “Boo-To-You Parade” 2014 Pictures

Last night was the final night of Halloween fun in the Magic Kingdom. To celebrate how much fun this year’s party was, here are the 2014 Mickey’s Not-so-Scary Halloween Party Boo-To-You Parade pictures!

If you haven’t seen this parade before, make sure it’s on the list for next year! Personally, it ties with the current 3:00 parade, the Festival of Fantasy, for favorite parade. The dancers especially are fabulous. Know that if you want to photograph the parade, make sure your in a spot with good lighting. I watched from Main Street and next to the Liberty Bell popcorn stand in Liberty Square.
Boo To You 2014-9808

Phineas and Ferb’s Creepa Crew precede the parade with candy & mini dance parties in the street. Boo To You 2014-9853Boo To You 2014-9906Boo To You 2014-9928 Boo To You 2014-9941Boo To You 2014-1

Boo To You 2014-9340 Boo To You 2014-9346 Boo To You 2014-9355 Boo To You Parade-9989

Off to Neverland! Poor Wendy and the Lost Boys are tied up while Hook and Smee have control of the ship.
Boo To You 2014-9998Boo To You 2014-0004Boo To You 2014-9378Boo To You 2014-0014


Captain Jack Sparrow and Barbossa.Boo To You 2014-0032Boo To You 2014-2Boo To You 2014-0042Boo To You 2014-9420















Next the Haunted Mansion. I was thrilled to finally see the Gravediggers, Ballroom Dancers, and Hitchhiking Ghosts in person! Boo To You 2014-0081 Tombstones floats wins everything. Love having the tributes to amazing people in more places. Boo To You 2014-9456 Boo To You 2014-0083Boo To You 2014-0085 Boo To You 2014-9461 Just the way they move and hold their bodies… absolutely perfect. Whipping/dragging them around and hanging their heads. Just all the little quirks and details… I could watch them dance for hours.Ballroom Dancers-1Boo To You 2014-0100

“Ghost riders in the sky”
Boo To You 2014-0116Boo To You 2014-0122Boo To You 2014-0124Boo To You 2014-0125

Boo To You 2014-0130 Boo To You 2014-0133 Boo To You 2014-9526 Boo To You 2014-9539

New this year – Wreck It Ralph and Vanellope!

Boo To You 2014-5


Goofy’s Candy float. Wins best smelling of the parade. They pump the same scent from the Confectionary.
Goofy-1Also the broom on the back sweeping? Hilarious.

Boo To You 2014-0193

“From us you’ll get a trick and not a treat” Closing the parade, the Villains declare that it is, “Good to be bad”
Boo To You 2014-0196Boo To You 2014-9670Boo To You 2014-9675Boo To You 2014-9624
Boo To You 2014-0224Boo To You 2014-9690Boo To You 2014-0250

To see more Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party read my post here and make sure you check out Mouse University Online on social media!


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